A Settlement Agreement has been reached in a class action lawsuit alleging that Great Lakes Educational Loan Services, Inc. (“Great Lakes”) violated Massachusetts law by initiating in excess of two communications via telephone in a seven-day period to Massachusetts consumers to collect a debt. If you received a postcard Notice, Great Lakes’ records show that you may be a Class Member under the Settlement Agreement reached in the case.

A Settlement Fund of $1,275,000 has been established to pay valid claims, attorneys’ fees, costs, any incentive award to the Settlement Class Representative (Mark Bland, Sr.) and settlement administration costs. You may be entitled to receive an equal share of the Settlement Fund. The final payment amount will depend on the total number of valid and timely claims filed by all Class Members. Your legal rights are affected whether you act or don’t act, so read this Notice carefully.  


OPTION 1: Submit a Claim Form

February27, 2023

Complete and submit a Claim Form and receive an equal share of the Settlement Fund. 
By completing and submitting a Claim Form, you may recover an equal share of the Settlement Fund.  This is the only way to claim and receive from the Fund.

OPTION 2: Object

February 27, 2023   

Object to the terms of the Settlement Agreement.
You may object to the terms of the Settlement Agreement and have your objections heard at the April 6, 2023, Final Approval Hearing.

OPTION 3: Do nothing

Do nothing.
If you do not take any action, you will be bound by the Settlement Agreement, but you will not receive any payment under the Settlement Agreement.